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A Concrete Floor is a Better Solution to Traditional Carpet or Wood Flooring

Durability is Usually the Desired Flooring Choice

If you have not entertained the idea of having a new concrete floor as the replacement for your old flooring, you may want to consider this option. Concrete is reliable for longer periods of time, more resilient to wear-and-tear and serves a more efficient function for everyday life in a busy home.

In basements and garages, concrete is typically the flooring of choice, but some people would rather spare the expense and just throw down some carpet or laminate flooring to cover up the old floor. Carpet or wood/wood-like laminate are materials with very short duration spans and are not as durable as concrete.

Basements and Garages

If you stop to consider just how tough you are on your basement floor and your garage floor, you may get a clearer understanding of why concrete is still the best choice for flooring in these 2 areas of your home.garage floor ottawa colour flakes

Your basement is probably home to your laundry facilities, storage of items and possibly the place your furnace is (along with electrical panels). There is constant traffic going to and from your basement, as well as the typical “dampness” that is accustomed to being present in any basement. Wood, vinyl and carpeting are very susceptible to mould and buckling within damp areas.

Your garage is no different. It is a high traffic area that not only is used for vehicles, but there can be oil leaks, stored tools and machines (lawnmowers) and other miscellaneous storage items. The flooring again would need to be concrete as anything else would be a fire hazard and not durable.

The Long Run Savings

Pouring a new concrete floor is an investment into the future of your home, not an immediate savings. The expense involved may seem like a large chunk of money to put out all at once, but if you consider the cost of repeatedly replacing alternate flooring materials, you will see your savings right there.

Investing into your home’s future is the best step you can take, as well as ensuring that you are also keeping durable flooring such as concrete available for the long run. If you are so inclined, you can have some fun with the concrete floor investment by having it stained or textured to give you a more interesting floor.

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