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Common Questions about Concrete Floors ANSWERED


Concrete floors have been around for a long time, but only recently have they become more popular. An increasing number of people are installing these floors in their Polished Concrete Floors Ottawacommercial as well as residential properties. That’s because the technology has evolved. Concrete floors are no longer dull and boring.

They can be stained, etched, stamped, and polished to a glossy shine. These treatments have made concrete floors very popular. However, people are still uncertain about this flooring option and have questions. We at The Flooring Company have put together a list of some common questions our clients ask us.

Do Concrete Floors Crack?

Concrete can develop minor cracks, especially if it’s not installed carefully. These cracks usually add to the aesthetic beauty of the concrete. However, if you want a smooth, flawless finish, there are several topical treatments available that will hide the cracks. Overlays and coatings will also give your floor an even finish.

Do Concrete Floors become Cold?

This is a major concern for people in Canada. Yes, concrete can be cold because it has the ability to absorb the temperature of its surroundings. So, in cold environments, it’s cold and in warm environments it can be warm. It has the ability to store and retain heat that can easily help you keep your home warm. You can keep the windows and doors open to let sunlight in or install radiant heat cables under the floor. These steps will keep the floor warm and comfortable.

Is Concrete Hard on your Feet?

Concrete is a hard floor so it can be hard on your feet. You can resolve this problem by adding area rugs and other such floor treatments. Area rugs wouldn’t cover the entire floor but would offer your feet some comfort. Hard floors are actually preferable for commercial use. After all, they provide a smooth, even surface for heavy foot traffic and vehicles like forklifts. The hardness of concrete is the reason behind its durability and resilience. It’s also the reason why these floors are easier to maintain.

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