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Performance Coatings

Clean, durable and cost effective floor coatings designed to last


Resinous flooring systems provide a clean, durable and cost effective floor coating that is designed to last. Our 10 year warranty on de-lamination and lifetime on UV damage is the best in the business.

We offer a spectrum of solid-colour choices and options of adding colour flakes to fully customize your floor. We provide a 2, 3, 4 or 5 layer system based on budgetary and longevity needs. Options for baseboard & cove-corners, partial or full wall coverage can also be provided. Not just for garage floors, our resins and colour chips provide an artistic and functional finish throughout the home. Decorative concrete coatings reduce dust, are easier to clean and are often priced less than other floor coverings.

What separates a professional finish from DIY and tailgater installations is floor preparation, quality of product and number of layers applied. Floor prep begins with moisture testing – as high moisture concrete will cause any coating to fail and peel/lift over time. The Floor Company install team then performs a multi-stage process to include diamond grinding the floor surface, filling cracks and cleaning up any oil or chemical stains. This is all before the primer coat, colour coat, optional colour flake, top coat(s) and optional traction aids are applied. We have a proven system that will ensure a lifetime of use and a floor you will be proud of! Our professional team and specialty equipment allows us to complete most small and mid sized garages in 1 day.

The Floor Company also has a network of partners who can provide cabinetry and storage organizers for your garage. Find out more by contacting us here