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Polished Concrete Vs. Tiles – Which is Better?

Both polished concrete and tiles are great options for residential and commercial flooring. Both are hard, relatively low maintenance floors and can be very versatile. We at the The Floor Company have polished concrete in many projects and our clients have always asked us how tiles compare to polished concrete floors. Hopefully this post will answer your questions on the matter.

polished concrete vs tile flooring ottawa polished concrete floors


Polished concrete floors are very durable and with proper maintenance will last you a lifetime. Tiles are also durable but they’re a little more fragile in comparison to concrete. If you drop something heavy on a tiled floor, it’s likely to crack and chip. With proper maintenance, tiles are quite durable as well but you need to be careful and make sure nothing heavy falls on the floor (this is something to keep in mind for industrial and commercial locations.


Both tiles and polished concrete some in a variety of colours and finishes but polished concrete can actually be customized to your preferences. You can choose any colour or design you want because your options are unlimited. With tiles, you can only choose from the inventory the seller might have. A good contractor will be able to add any design or pattern you want to your concrete floor so all you need to do is explain your preferences to them.


Both tile and concrete floors are quite eco-friendly and sustainable so you can install either of them in your property without guilt. Concrete flooring can be constantly refinished to improve its looks after the polish has somewhat faded. But the tiles need to be replaced if the finish has worn off or they’ve cracked and chipped. That has a greater impact on the environment than concrete flooring.


Both are low maintenance floors but polished concrete requires a little more care than tiles, especially in high traffic areas. Polished concrete doesn’t require sealers or waxing, but it’s a good idea to dust and wet mop the surface regularly. You need to make sure that there’s no dirt or grime build-up on the floor. Tiled floors are relatively easily to maintain but you do need to carefully clean the grout to maintain its looks.

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