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Cleaning and Maintenance

As is commonly stated decorative concrete floors are low-maintenance easy to clean and maintain surfaces for your home or business.

cleaning and maintenance concrete floors

However, depending on the type of decorative concrete surface you have, you will have to choose a different cleaning and maintenance method.

Some concrete floors and decorative or industrial/commercial coatings can go several years without maintenance or attention in a high-traffic environment and still be renewed to look almost as good as new. Other concrete floors when left unattended can be damaged without frequent maintenance and reapplication of sealers.

The rule of thumb here is if your concrete floor is either polished or an open poured slab, you will want to maintain a sacrificial layer of guard or sealer and be burnishing that top coat into the floor on a regular basis. Frequency always depends on what kind of dirt is tracked into the environment and the level of traffic going through it.

While there are certainly many different ways to clean and maintain a concrete floor the two most common ones are applying a small amount of wax on a regular basis for epoxy floors or decorative overlays and applying a lithium based guard on polished concrete or open poured concrete slabs.

cleaning and maintenance concrete floorsThe wax used for decorative concrete floors is not the kind that you may think of from the old days that would turn yellow and need frequent stripping and reapplication. Advances in chemical technologies have allowed for UV stable waxes that are based on acrylic resins to come to market.They will stay clear and shiny much longer than traditional natural waxes would and don’t need mechanical application in residential setting.

Polished concrete floor renewal and maintenance is best left to the professionals as specialized equipment and application techniques must be employed.

All of The Floor Company customers who hire us for any decorative or polishing work on their concrete floors receive a complimentary cleaning kit and instructions to maintain their new investment in flooring.

It is important to note when using your own soap or cleaning methods for your floors that you must maintain a pH level of approximately 7 or a pH neutral cleaner should be used.

Our pros are always available for answering questions or giving tips when it comes to maintenance and repairs of your floors. Feel free to call or email anytime.