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Concrete and Coating Repair

Over the course of a concrete floors lifespan, which is usually more than 100 years, a property owner will certainly run into the need for concrete repairs.

Some concrete damage can go untreated for many years without much negative repercussion other than perhaps that area of damage becoming larger over time. However, floors with cracks, spalling or pitting can create an environment for contamination to be invited in leading to further damage and potentially the need to replace the slab at great expense.

improper floor preparation

Depending on the type of damage needing repair there are many options available at The Floor Company.

100% Solids Epoxy and Fumed Silica Patching:

– This is a VOC free resin based mix of epoxy and fumed silica (made from quartz sand). This mix allows for a no sag deep patch repair to occur in a single application. It is not visually appealing however is much more capable of a repair as compared to concrete patch. Suitable for repairing prior to opaque coatings or for us in areas where visual aesthetic is not a concern.

Polyaspartic Crack Fillers:

– These products allow for a quick cure even in temperatures below freezing. They allow for fast mending of cracks and small holes.

Polyurethane Control Joint Repairs:

– These materials can remain flexible or cure hard depending on site needs and like all of the above are chemical resistant.

The Floor Company also offers the services of shot blasting, grinding and aggregate blasting of all kinds of both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

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