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Custom Floor Designs

concrete custom work overlay pattern

At The Floor Company, custom work doesn’t stop with choosing custom colours or sheen finishes for your decorative concrete flooring. We can provide etched patterns, decorative staining, custom logo,  graphics and embedded HD imagery right onto your floor.

Etched Patterns: Etched patterns can be used on polished concrete floors and burnished floors. In order to delineate from one colour to another or to create a pattern for the end result of a tile style floor, for example, you could have a floor polished and then etched to have a 45 degree angle 3ft. by 3ft. tile pattern. This would give the look of large natural stones at a fraction of the cost.

HD Imagery: If you have a commercial floor, we can embed an HD graphic in a clear coating that will stand up to excessive foot traffic and even vehicular traffic while creating a truly unique high definition floor with a photograph quality image. If you are looking for photographic imagery for your flooring, but are not interested in a permanent installation, we can also provide temporary floor graphics, just contact us for an estimate.

Decorative Staining: Custom decorative concrete staining can be used to highlight pieces like borders or patterns or simply to have a custom colour throughout the project. There have been many advances made in concrete staining technology. Harsh acid based chemicals and extensive water use and neutralization are no longer the norm. Decorative stains and dyes can be ordered to taste and applied in multiple coats to create truly unique textures and colour reactions.

Custom Logos: With today’s advances in technology, implementing a logo into your floor is much more economical than it has been. Due to specialized films and print media, we no longer have to pay for numerous hours of labour for an artisan to create your logo or piece of art in your floor. You would just supply us with the desired graphic and it will get printed and adhered to your floor or into your coating.

For a truly custom floor that is also resistant to just about everything but jet fuel, check out our epoxy floors with mica powder disbursement technology.

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Speak to us today about exactly how your floor will be used and what it needs to stand up to and we can suggest the proper techniques to use to create a custom concrete appearance to your floor while maintaining the required durability and longevity .