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Gypcrete Light Weight Concrete

Gypcrete light weight concrete is a substance often used in light, medium and heavy commercial and residential construction.

What most consumers know about it is that it is light weight and opens up the possibilities of concrete in areas that otherwise would not be able to have concrete. Usually, this is in lighter construction or existing structures.

We offer gypcrete and light weight concrete to the residential and commercial space. Our self-levelling systems are suitable for a one day re-cap of a worn out slab and for creating a thermal mass for radiant heat floors on a concrete or wood base.

Our gypcrete systems are self-sealing in most cases as well. You can glue hardwood right to the surface without a primer or sealer cutting down install delays.

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With newer construction, light weight concrete systems are designed right in as they lower building cost and increase build completion time. Most gypcrete products cure much more quickly than conventional concrete, which takes up to 28 days to cure unless a cure accelerant is used.

The advantage to gypcrete and other types of light weight concrete alternatives is that finishing flooring can be installed, in some cases, within 48 hours of placing the light weight topping.

 A One Day Concrete Flooring Solution 

Another advantage of gypcrete instead of concrete is the installation time itself. Not only does gypcrete cure faster, it can be installed much much faster than concrete. 20,000 sq ft can be done in one day from start to finish. Not only that, trades can be walking on that surface the same day in some cases.

Now, gypcrete is not perfect by any stretch. It cannot be used as an wear surface. This means, if the product is installed far in advance of the completion of construction, it must be protected. It also cannot be used as a underlayment for coatings such as epoxy and it cannot be polished.
It is really limited to buildings that will be installing hardwood, tile or carpet. With that stated, there are many kinds and grades of light weight concrete. You have to consider impact strength, crack resistance, water proofing and bonding agent compatibility with further products, prior to settling on a specific gypcrete mix.Always consider this: A floor is only as strong as it’s weakest layer. If the flooring you are putting down on top of gypcrete is not as strong or stronger than the gypcrete itself, you will be limited to the strength of the gypcrete.Contact us today to get a quote for your specific gypcrete light weight concrete job.