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Line Painting and Floor Graphics

commercial parking garage polyaspartic
Line painting on floors is a highly effective way to create a safer work place. This is done by delineating one work zone from another. The net effect of an obvious and bright object in a person’s field of vision is heightened awareness to their surroundings. This is a key component in the health and safety of a work place.

Directional zoning lines and highly noticeable floor graphics are desirable for many other environments as well. Marketing graphics and company logos for example are great in commercial spaces.

Most of the time when we see directional lines they are in rough shape, peeling up or chipping. The reason for this is they are either placed on a surface that was not properly prepared or the line or graphic is made with a low solids paint, sealer or coating.

At The Floor Company we have many options available for new flooring projects that need to incorporate line painting but also for adding any kind of line or graphic to an existing floor. Even vinyl commercial tile, linoleum, laminate and many more.

Our coating systems allow us to implement just about any flooring graphic to almost all flooring types.

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