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4 Most Common Causes of Damaged Concrete Flooring

Concrete is a very resilient flooring material. It can bear a considerable amount of wear and tear. It’s low maintenance and can come in a variety of forms and designs. But it’s not perfect. Concrete, while resilient, comes with its set of problems. These problems can turn something pretty and alluring into a mess. At The Floor Company, we have found that some problems are more common than others. These are listed below:custom concrete floors polished concrete


This is the most common problem with concrete. It’s especially true for the poured-in concrete floor. Like several materials, concrete expands and contracts on the basis on temperature variations. If the variance is extreme, the concrete is liable to crack. Concrete can also crack if the ground underneath it isn’t even.

There are several reasons behind cracks but repairing them is usually easy. Most cracks are just on the surface, though some can be a symptom of deeper structural problems. You need to inspect the crack thoroughly to avoid future problems. 


 If you spot a fine layer of dust on your concrete floor, you face a problem called dusting. This is essentially concrete particles that haven’t mixed in with the rest of the material completely. This can happen if there’s too much water in the mixture or not enough cement on the surface.

High traffic areas are more prone to dusting than other places. To avoid this, the concrete should be allowed to cure completely during the installation process. You also need to ensure that the mixture of cement, aggregate, and water is ideal for proper curing.

Spalling or Scaling

 If you notice a white, flaky patch on your concrete floor, you should immediately call a professional. This is a sign of scaling. While sometimes scaling is just a cosmetic problem, it can also result from structural damage. If a professional looks at it, they’ll be able to determine if it’s just a problem with the surface or something more serious. Scaling should be addressed as quickly as possible because there’s always a chance that large chunks of concrete will separate from the surface.

Corroded Concrete from Winter Salt

 The City of Ottawa has switched to a new chemical base for it’s road salts in recent years. The result is less corrosion to our cars but more to concrete. With our concrete systems you can protect your concrete as well as repair damage previously done. 

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