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Dust Control and Concrete Floors

Concrete floors naturally emit dust and powders, especially when they’re freshly installed. This dust can settle on furniture, compromise the environment, and require regular cleaning and maintenance. Concrete dust is especially noticeable in high-traffic areas where the floors endure considerable amounts of wear and tear. At The Floor Company, we recommend sealers and waxes to help with dust control from concustom concrete floors polished concrete dust controlcrete floors. Here’s what you can do to address this problem.

Choose the Right Coating

Concrete coatings protect the concrete surface from wear and tear, scratches, and other such damage. They form a seal over the floor that contains the dust and reduces the amount that’s generated. Unfortunately, not all coatings and sealers are effective and cheap ones don’t even have a lifespan of 6 months. Concrete sealers and coatings should be chosen carefully based on their quality and performance rather than their price because repairing the damage or replacing the seal will only add to your expense. Our concrete flooring experts recommend a list of products like the Ashford Formula to help reduce dust formation.

Keep Track of Wear and Tear 

You need to keep track of wear and tear because eventually, the coatings and sealers will erode. You’ll need to apply a fresh layer to ensure the concrete surface is protected. If you don’t reapply the coating, traffic and footfalls will eventually start to erode the surface and cause an increase in the amount of dust. Some coatings and sealers last longer than others so it’s a good idea to consult with our experts before you make a choice.


Even if you apply high-performance densifiers and sealers to the surface, you’ll need to maintain it to ensure it remains in good condition. Excessive scratches, dents, and chips will hamper dust control from the concrete floors. You can place mats and carpets in high traffic areas, refresh the coating more often, and ensure the floor is cleaned and mopped regularly. This would reduce the amount of dust generated and ensure your property remains clean.

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