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Top 3 Benefits of Seamless Concrete Floor Coatings

In this post we will go over the top 3 benefits of seamless coatings vs traditional seamed flooring types and cover some potential hazards of seamless flooring that you can avoid with proper planning.

1) Easy to Clean

Seamless flooring is easy to clean due to the lack of grout and smooth texture allowing for easy sweeping squeezing mopping and vacuuming without struggling to pick up debris that might get stuck in the grout of the floor.garage floor ottawa colour flakes

Potential downside: If slipperiness is a concern special additives are available for seamless floors that will retain their ease of use while providing traction. There are also top coats that can be added at any time in the future if you find that years down the road, your floor is more slippery than you’d like.

2) No Contamination Intrusion

If your floor environment is ever exposed to contamination, it is much less likely that this will have a long term adverse affect because they’re are no intrusion causeways to the underside of your flooring due to the lack of grout creating an entry point for moisture or contamination intrusion.

Potential downside: In order to create a floor with these benefits, proper surface preparation and moisture and contamination testing must be employed prior to installation of a seamless floor. Just as a seamless floor is impermeable from the top it should also be permeable from underneath, therefore if contamination and moisture go unaddressed they cannot escape a seamless floor and this could lead to bubbles air pockets or de-lamination of your flooring investment.

3) Unlimited Styling and Branding Options

Both floor coatings and polished concrete allow for unlimited design elements due to their being no delineating lines distracting the eye from an overall impactful design. Floor designs can include safety zoning or directional retail pathways. With today’s coat-able high definition and 3D graphics, floors can create an environment that is literally out of this world.

Potential downside: Embedded floor graphics design and branding are a very permanent decision and would need to be mechanically removed or covered up by another coating or traditional flooring should branding change or a tenant owner move from the facility.

With all of these great ideas, your sure to be excited about your new seamless floor, don’t be shy to call today and share one of your unique ideas for your upcoming seamless flooring project.