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Architectural Concrete Floor Finishes

Concrete floors have steadily grown in popularity over the past few years. They are relatively affordable, durable, low maintenance, and very versatile. You no longer have to deal with the drab grey look that’s only suitable for warehouses and roads because there are different kinds of architectural floor finishes available now. At The Floor Company, we customize the floor finish according to the preferences of our customers. Here are some of the more popular finishes available to you.


Polishing is one of the most popular finishes for concrete because the resultant floor can look stunning. There are different levels of polish available and they range from a flat matte finish to a mirror-like gloss. We can also add aggregates of natural stone to the concrete mixture, which can create a beautiful pattern to the floor.

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Concrete stains are the easiest and one of the most affordable ways to customize the look of the surface. They’re also very durable because the acid stains sink into the concrete and bind with it. The colour won’t fade, chip, or stain easily, especially if you apply sealers and concrete floor wax on the surface. You can transform the look and feel of the floor in a matter of days.


Coatings are similar to a layer of paint on the walls but they’re specially formulated for concrete floors. You can choose between latex, epoxy, and polyurethane coatings; latex being the cheapest and least durable; and polyurethane the most durable and expensive. They can be applied quickly and easily in a matter of days with no effort. In fact, many DIYers apply epoxy coatings on their floors during weekends.


Stamping is more common in outdoor installations than indoor floors. They add design and texture to the surface and ensure they it’s not slippery when wet. With stamping, we can mimic the look and feel of different materials like brick, natural stone, and even concrete pavers. We can also create unique designs that’ll make your property stand out. These architectural floor finishes can only be applied when the concrete is wet and hasn’t cured.

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