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Parking Garage Coatings

At The Floor Company, one of our specialties is existing and new parking garage deck coatings.

commercial parking garage polyasparticWe have exemplary partnerships with our suppliers and key specialty trades focused on providing a full service commercial parking deck coating option to our client base.

Existing parking garages will often exhibit issues with coating shear strength as well as chemical resistance to de-icing salts and harsh chemicals often found dripping from vehicles while parked in parking spaces. Advances in technology have allowed for more rigid, close poured and easily cleaned driving and parking surface coatings.

It has been commonplace to see thick, malleable and rubbery coatings as the norm in commercial parking deck spaces, but not anymore.

In order to resist coatings that will bubble, wrinkle, curl or simply rip off under the immense pressure created (when tires are turned when the vehicle is not rolling or is moving at a slow pace) shear strength is required

Our polyaspartic coatings not only resist delamination from wheels turning or spinning on the surface, they also retain a much higher gloss. They can also be installed in one day (in most circumstances) following extensive surface preparation or even full depth repairs.

Once the task of replacing or providing a new driving/parking deck coating is underway, there is often an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Rotting rebar and other structural issues that become uncovered after initial preparation commences are some problems to be expected in commercial spaces.

From digging out rotten drains and replacing them, to cutting an entire section of slab out, replacing the rebar, coating the rebar to protect against corrosion, and replacing the concrete slab, we can take care of everything that a commercial driving deck surface needs prior to providing an aesthetically pleasing and easily maintained surface.

Our coatings can be customized according to the needs of the client and the service area.

  • We can also provide parking lines, directional lines and other surface markings using a tough and hard wearing coating as opposed to a paint that requires frequent service and replacement.
  • We can even provide embedded graphics and reflective surfaces if required.
  • We can provide a thicker coating for higher impact resistance as well as varying grades of nonslip finishes to get the perfect balance of safety traction and clean-ability.

When budget is a concern and only a resurfacing is required to rejuvenate an existing coating, we can provide cleaning and maintenance topcoats according to the manufacturer’s recommendations of existing surface.

Calling on our strong relationships with suppliers, we can also provide engineering reports, pull test results, sheer strength tests and more. This allows us to help our client present flooring options to investors, building owners or government agencies.

Contact our commercial flooring division today to have a thorough on-site visit, quote and report created for your commercial parking deck space