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The Best Commercial Floor Coating Options

An epoxy floor is a 100% solids coating used to protect and completely conceal a substrate such as concrete or wood. Epoxies are available in 100% solids, solvent based or water based. The advantage to 100% solids (as opposed to epoxies that are cut with a solvent) is that they go down thickest in one application and produce no harsh off-gassing. They are also much more durable and create a high depth sheen.

An epoxy floor is a great solution for a street-facing commercial location, especially in areas that are prone to harsh elements including oil, gasoline, radiator fluid, brake fluid and worst of all ice melting salts. When properly installed, polished concrete is sealed and guarded against exposure to harsh chemical. With proper cleaning and upkeep, an epoxy floor will maintain its resistant properties.

epoxy coating ottawaPolyaspartic; like an epoxy, is a coating added to an existing substrate. Although often similar in appearance to epoxies, its advantages are numerous but not in all environments and situations. Polyaspartics are suitable for small areas that require subsequent coats, but with a requirement for 1-day return to service such as commercial freezers, storage rooms, existing retail spaces, residential garages and other areas that property owner cannot do without for longer than 24 hours.

Troweled Concrete Coatings: Troweled coatings use the same materials as mentioned above, however a third part such as sand or quartz aggregate is used in the mix. The purpose for this type of application is to achieve thickness at a quick rate and smooth out a deteriorated or uneven floor. This also provides for a higher impact resistant floor for areas such as garbage rooms, warehouses, commercial kitchens, garages, manufacturing facilities or anywhere impact resistance is necessary.

Troweled coatings can also be decorative by incorporating coloured aggregates and patterns. These look great in entranceways, sunrooms, saunas, fitness areas, workout rooms, bars, showrooms and lobbies.

With all of these floor coating options, the thing to keep in mind is that these are the types of floors to choose when a non-slip, impact and chemical-resistant and well-wearing floor is required. Of note is the fact that if there is a lapse in proper floor maintenance or cleaning, coatings can be recovered at a minimal cost compared to natural stone or polished concrete.

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