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What to Expect from Polished Concrete Floor Contractors

Polished concrete is a beautiful flooring option for any home or commercial space. The finish is often glossy and mirror-like and the flooring is quite low maintenance. However, polishing concrete requires skill, experience, and the right equipment. If the floor isn’t polished well, the effect will be patchy, wavy, and dull. You can avoid this by hiring a good concrete floor contractor.

What Should You Expect?

People rarely hire contractors without doing thorough research. Some hire general contractors they’re familiar with rather than a professional experienced in this particular field. While a skilled contractor might be able to polish your floor with rented equipment, you can’t rely on them to provide the best results. A professional concrete floor contractor will offer a number of benefits and here are a few you should expect:

  • Equipment – Concrete floor contractors will have the latest and best concrete polishing equipment. The grits will be sharp and in good condition to ensure they provide the best possible polish. The equipment will also be well-maintained and efficient so it won’t break down in the middle of the job and cause problems.
  • Preparation – The floor needs to be reasonably level and uniform for the polish to truly shine and look good. An experienced floor polishing contractor will check the current surface for flaws and other such problems before they attempt to polish the floor.
  • Skill – The polishing process must be closely monitored to ensure the floor isn’t damaged and the polish is according to your preference. For example, some people want a honed or buffed instead of high-gloss finish on their floor. If the polishing process isn’t handled properly, it can ruin the finish of the floor. A professional will know which grit they must choose at different stages of the polishing process.
  • Quote and Estimate – A good concrete flooring contractor will provide a comprehensive estimate of all the expenses and materials involved in the polishing process. They will explain the cost of labor, required taxes, and other such expenses carefully to ensure you can create the right budget. They will also ensure there are no hidden costs included.

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