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Concrete Floors in the Ottawa Area

Let’s cover a few local jobs that were completed recently in the Ottawa area.

Boone Plumbing on Woodward Ave

boone plumbing concrete floors before Boone Plumbing had a serious problem. They have professional staff and modern product offerings but their showroom floors were peeling grey paint. They wanted an easily maintained floor that wouldn’t be compromised if there was an extended lapse in maintenance, especially during the winter months.

The Floor Company grinded the old paint off, filled all of the cracks and surface damage with a patch resin comprised of epoxies and polyurethanes and then honed the floor via grinding and coated with a thick 100% solids epoxy.boone plumbing concrete floors after

The end result was a super shiny consistent grey floor that wows customers and lends to a clean and organized look, which is what Boone plumbing was after.

Now, they have a salt resistant floor that won’t flake away every spring after a harsh winter.

House of Fine Carpentry on Industrial Ave (Eco-Polish Satin Finish)

As fine wood builders, House of Fine Carpentry wanted a clean and modern look so we supplied our unique in-house designed finish Eco Polish Satin finish that would be easy to sweep up and impervious to salt as they are located in a street facing facility.

The floor was covered in glue from tile and carpet so that was first ground off. Then the control joints, cracks and surface damage were repaired and filled with epoxy tinted to a similar colour as the floor would end up after coating.

The floor then received another grind to epoxy the aggregate in the slab and prepare it for a clear epoxy and urethane coating.

At this point the floor was coated with clear 100% solids epoxy. This particular kind of epoxy (there are many) really penetrates the slab well and wets it out. This leads to a medium darkness wet beach kind of look.

The customer knew there would be a lot of outdoor footwear worn in his showroom so he opted for the optional satin urethane top coat which is extremely abrasion resistant and easy to clean. Also, using a satin finish on any project, will keep your floors looking new for years longer than epoxy alone. It also added some UV stability and chemical resistance.

Concrete Floors in Ottawa need to be treated differently than those of our neighbours in the South. This is because not all concrete floors are salt resistant.

Consider your options and then speak with a concrete flooring expert in Ottawa to determine what is the best fit not only for your style but your proposed use of space as well.