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Top Retail Concrete Flooring Options

Choosing a floor for your retail environment goes beyond the economics of choosing the lowest price. Often omitted from the fact gathering process of shopping for a floor, are details like longevity, cost of ownership, maintenance, repair downtime and return to service interval. If all of the above are not considered prior to making a decision of the flooring style and material for your space it’s a certainty that you will encounter exorbitant costs down the road while trying to reserve a fresh clean looking environment for your retail space.

thefloorcompany polished concrete retail flooring The primary use of your retail space will determine flooring type that’s most ideal. If your retail space deals with the sale of harsh chemicals such as paints and dyes, a monolithic coating (seamless) will most likely be your best option. These coatings are usually epoxies or polyaspartics, however, there are several other coating options a professional will recommend to you based on your use of space and exposure to potential contamination issues.

Coatings are the best option for the environment above because they are seamless so you won’t get staining and debris stuck in ugly grout that’s hard to clean. Another benefit is they are generally stain resistant if your retail environment deals in dry goods and or is susceptible to high traffic, but a dry environment that isn’t introduced to excessive water or road de-icing salts, polished concrete is an economical and beautiful natural clean way to have a brilliant shine and welcoming environment for your clientele.

Of course, we can’t forget about branding potential and interior design elements. Both coatings and polished concrete offer unlimited potential for unique and creative expression of your brand and corporate culture. Contact a concrete design and finishing specialist today for all of your retail concrete flooring needs.