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Decorative Staining For Indoor Concrete Flooring Systems

Decorative staining for indoor concrete flooring systems make room for a wide range of designs to be achieved when it comes to both interior and exterior spaces. These floors come with the look of natural stone, and they have an attractive and interesting high gloss finish. You can choose from a wide array of colouring options and design possibilities when it comes to decorative concrete flooring systems.concrete coating systems

How Does Decorative Staining Work?

Decorative stains for indoor concrete flooring are applied after the concrete has been cured. It is possible to apply stains to older concrete, yet repairs and cleaning may be necessary. The colour of your choice and its intensity determines the stain mix. You, or the project manager, will have to decide on a colour and how intense it will be. After the chemical reaction that makes the colouring possible has taken its time to complete, the floor then gets washed and left alone to dry. After this step, a protective resin has to be applied on top. This is what gives the glossy look to the concrete floor.

The Finished Look

The finished look of decorative staining is indeed very stylish and classy. While it is glossy, it is also non-slip which makes it an ideal solution for homes and commercial shops. Depending on your preferences, indoor concrete flooring systems and their decorative designs can be textured or flat, and have many different colours and patterns. Decorative stained concrete is the one feature that will make your home, office or shop stand out from the crowd. You will surely get many compliments and questions on your stunning new space and floor.

How to Maintain Stained Concrete Floors

In case you are looking for low maintenance alternatives to other flooring options, you can’t avoid concrete floors. Everything is easy to clean and maintain with these kinds of floors. No matter where the indoor concrete flooring system is being placed, whether the home or workplaces, harsh chemicals and cleaners are no longer required. You can just clean your concrete floor with warm water and a mild soap.

Indoor concrete flooring systems can be applied in both your home and workplace. It doesn’t matter where you would like this type of flooring, it will look sleek and modern.

If you would like more information about concrete flooring systems, contact one of our installers today for a free estimate or for any questions you may have. Be sure to also check out our concrete flooring gallery to view many more options available to you.

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