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The Benefits of Concrete Floors for Cleaning and Allergies

Floors, while not always a main focus in a structure’s design and layout, are still a very important feature of a home, office or commercial space.

Clean-ability, slip resistance, UV stability, abrasion resistance and durability are among some of the more important technical features we look for when choosing a flooring finish.

For those of us who have allergies or are working in an environment that requires an above average level of consistent cleanliness, seamless flooring, is definitely the way to go.

There are many options for seamless flooring outside of concrete coatings and concrete polishing, however, these options still do have seams because of the nature in which they are manufactured (they come on rolls).

While a seamless flooring system that is packaged in rolls is certainly better than a seam filled floor like tile or hardwood, these flooring systems still must have a welded seam such as what you see about every 6 and a half feet in a marmoleum floor.
after cream polish concrete floors
These seams are designed to close the gap between sections of roll flooring, and they do, however in time and with insufficient maintenance and upkeep, some seams tend to open up creating an entry point for bacteria and dirt.

With a concrete floor, allergies are no longer a concern as dust and other allergy symptom causing objects are easily spotted and removed, via simple dust mopping or vacuuming.

With an ongoing damp mopping cleaning and maintenance program, dust is virtually removed from the environment. With carpet, you can never clean the floor enough to remove allergens that will ruin the day of any allergy sufferer.

There really is no perfect floor when you tally up all of your desires for a flooring finish. With concrete flooring, you lose that soft underfoot comfort you get from carpet as well as the sound deadening effect, but this can be handled with creative uses of art, back filled with sound deadening insulation as well as area rugs for under foot comfort. These area rugs are generally higher quality and absorb and hold onto less dirt. They can be removed from the home and professionally cleaned periodically to reduce exposure to allergens.

Some will choose area rugs just to help with the sound and add some style and comfort appearance to the space. While not the perfect solution to reduce allergens it’s certainly better than having wall to wall carpet.

Consider a decorative seamless concrete floor.  The Floor Company based in Ottawa, is here to help.