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The Process of Polishing Concrete in Ottawa

Concrete is a very versatile flooring material, which is why it has become so popular with residential and commercial property owners in the recent years. It’s a low-maintenance, resilient, and durable surface that can easily be customized according to the property owner’s requirements and preferences. One of the most popular ways to customize this surface is concrete polishing in Ottawa. At The Floor Company, we follow the process described below to get the best results. polish concrete floor ottawa

  1. Determine the Condition of the Concrete

The concrete surface needs to be in good condition to ensure that the polished floor will look good. The polishing process tends to amplify any cracks and dents on the surface so it’s important to repair the existing concrete before attempting to polish it.

  1. Prepare the Surface 

The surface needs to be clean before polishing so technicians will remove all traces of sealers, coatings, carpet glue, etc before they start the process. They’ll also remove any debris like loose stones and dirt from the surface. This isn’t a concern with newly installed concrete floors as contractors only need to add densifiers to the surface to make it ready for polishing.

  1. Rough Grinding

The next step is to rough grind the surface to ensure the floor is completely level and doesn’t have any bumps and dents. As mentioned before, polishing will magnify any flaws on the surface, including unevenness and rough grinding can eliminate most of this. 1 – 5 rounds of the grinder will help to ensure that the floor is ready for the next step in the polishing process.

  1. Hardner

 After rough grinding, the technician will apply densifier or hardner to the surface to ensure it is solid and dense. Concrete surfaces can be porous and soft and won’t accept polishing easily. A hardner will ensure the polish is even and clean without any patches of dents. It will also ensure the floor is resilient enough to not break under pressure.

  1. Final Polish

After the hardner sinks in and cures, the technicians will apply the final layer of polish. The concrete polisher will move from one grit to another in a step-by-step process until they achieve the desired level of polish. You can choose between flat, satin, semi-polished, and high gloss finishes for the concrete surface. View our gallery here for more details and images of the different kinds of finishes you can have.

After the floor is completely polished, the technician will apply a coating to protect it from scratches and damage. Concrete polishing in Ottawa will leave the floor more susceptible to scratches and coatings will provide an essential layer of protection. After the coating dries, your floor is ready for use.

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