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Commercial Concrete Floor Preparation

Whether a 100 sq. foot dentist office, or an entire commercial facility, proper surface preparation should always be your first step to a long lasting floor and a long lasting business to client relationship.commercial floor preparation

Without proper floor preparation, your newly installed floors may experience undesired movement, moisture transmissions, out gassing bubbles, wrinkles, failed seams, mold, mildew, off-gassing, odours, colour contamination, failed grout, grout pop-out and an array of other undesirable effects.

In the commercial world there is a constant need to update and refresh the look of customer facing facilities. To keep up with current trends and to increase our goal for a clean modern representation of business and public spaces, we are repeatedly faced with challenges related to the removal and replacement of existing flooring on top of concrete.

Some major challenges have been due to the removal of glue, paint, mortar, and other adhesives. Contractors in the business of installing tile, linoleum, sheet flooring and carpet must include and maintain warranties for their products and installations. A major concern when providing a warranty is related to the preexisting conditions of the substrate. If the sub floor is not properly and completely cleaned and neutralized of existing materials and the residues they inherently leave behind, new flooring, no matter how well installed can fail due to the de-lamination of bonding agents and contamination from preexisting compounds.

Removal and surface preparation processes are varied from sanding, shot blasting, grinding, chemical striping or using a primer barrier. The best option is shot blasting or grinding, or a combination of the two. This way, rather than masking or coating over the existing bonding agents, you are removing them and opening the pores of the substrate to allow the penetration and expansion on a micro level of your new adhesive materials. With proper commercial floor preparation, you can provide a warranty on materials and workmanship with peace of mind knowing that none of the old and possibly outdated flooring materials are going to cause flooring failures in the future.

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