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Concrete Repair in Ottawa

Concrete flooring is very resilient. It will last for several years with little care and maintenance. All you need to do is refresh the coating on your commercial location floors every few years and they will last for a very long time. However, in all its resilience, concrete can still get damaged. At The Floor Company, we’ve seen several different kinds of damage on concrete floors; but most of these can be repaired by concrete professionals.the floor company concrete repair ottawa

The Most Common Problems with Concrete Floors

There are different kinds of damage that can occur on concrete floors. If we don’t understand the source of the damage, we may not be able to repair it fully. In some cases, you need to address the underlying cause of the problem before the surface can be prepared. Here’s a list of the most common problems.

  • Cracks and damage caused by freezing, thawing or moisture.
  • Dents caused by heavy objects falling on the parking garage floors.
  • Staining due to oil spills or chemical spills on floors without the proper coating.
  • Scaling caused by inefficient sealing or curing in freezing temperatures.

The Process of Repairing Concrete Flooring 

Once you’ve identified the problem, you can move onto repairing it. You should be very meticulous in your repairs if you want to make sure the results last for a long time. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Measure the damaged area carefully and make sure that you don’t miss any spots. If the concrete surface isn’t level, you don’t need to mark and chip away at the floor. You should use a floor leveling compound for that.
  • You need to remove the damaged surface with a chipping hammer. If the damaged area is large, you might need professional tools to remove it.
  • The surface needs to be rough and clean so that the repair mixture will bond correctly. You should brush away the debris and wipe it with a wet cloth.
  • After this, you need to apply the repair mixture onto the damaged area of the the concrete flooring.

For more information on repairing your commercial concrete floors or to get an estimate, you can contact us at The Floor Company. If you’re calling from Ottawa and surrounding areas, dial 1800 461 3121. If you’re calling from Kingston, Belleville, Peterborough and Durham, dial 1877 277 9877. You can also email us at or fill in this contact us form.


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