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How To Choose The Right Concrete Polishing Company

how to choose the right concrete polishing company Due to the increased interest in polished concrete and other modern industrial finishes, there is a lot of misunderstanding and miseducation about what polished concrete is and how it is installed.

A good concrete polishing company will have an in-depth understanding of how the process works but more importantly, which concrete slabs will make a good candidate for the outcome desired by the customer.

Not all concrete slabs are the same. Variances in aggregate size, softness of concrete, levelness of concrete placement technique, and cure method will yield a different slab every time.

An experienced and knowledgeable concrete company has the tools required to test a slab prior to recommending polished concrete rather than another method to achieve a similar result. Once the company determines that your slab is a candidate for polished concrete, there are many options that need to be chosen prior to providing a quote and commencing the work.

Make sure the company that you hire can answer the following questions during the quoting process: will the process be dust free or with minimal dust, what grit will you finish the floor at, will the floor be hardened and at what point, once the polish is complete, will the surface be guarded and then burnished, how long will the project take, what are my sheen options, what are my colour options?

It’s important to understand that unfortunately in the industry, polished concrete is  a term often assigned to an incorrect process of polishing concrete or sometimes, it is used as a term to describe a finish that isn’t even being polished.

For example; pay attention to whether the concrete polishing company is selling you a process where they would simply be grinding the floor and then sealing it. Even through this would yield a potentially shiny floor with exposed aggregate; this is not a polished slab.

In some cases, a company will quote you for polished concrete and when installing the system, they may skip steps at the beginning and end of the process. This will lower their time, labour costs and machine tooling expenses. The floor may look as desired or close enough when finished, however the longevity of a floor finished with skipped steps is drastically reduced.

As a rule of thumb, remember that a polished concrete company should be going through at least 9 steps to achieve a polished concrete floor including the hardening, guarding and burnishing steps.

Contact one of our professionals today for an on-site evaluation of your current concrete slab. If you are building in the future, we would be happy to assist you in coordinating the pour of your new concrete slabs to help ensure the outcome required for polished concrete.





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