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Are Concrete Floors Eco-Friendly?

eco friendly concrete floorsWe need to construct homes and buildings while avoiding depleting resources for the future generations, a concept known as green building. The recommended way to do that is to use ecologically friendly materials which can regenerate on their own or with the help of man. It is common knowledge that concrete flooring is one of the most eco-friendly building materials one can find.

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Slab is an element required for most construction projects. Primarily, concrete is made from cement, mixed with aggregates and water. Limestone is one of the most abundant materials on Earth and it is part of the materials used to make cement. Fly ash, slag and silica, the other materials used, can be obtained as waste from other manufacturing processes.

Were someone to desire a finish for their floor, polishing a concrete slab that already exists would immediately meet their needs. By doing so, the harvest, manufacture and transport of additional material is not required and the waste and therefore pollution is minimized with little effort made. Should a re-polish be desired, its cost would represent a fraction of the initial one. All of this sums up into sustainable polished concrete flooring with minimal impact on the environment.

Concrete flooring can help to improve air quality, reduce the waste of natural materials and can go as far as cut down on your heating bills. There might have already been a concrete floor installed in your home, just underneath the existing floor coverings made of wood, waiting to be revealed by workers and treated. Needless to say, being made from readily abundant materials and, if used economically and environmentally friendly, a concrete floor can be rewarding for both the person, in terms and money, and the planet on which in live, in terms of pollution.

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