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The “Cool” Factor of Decorative Concrete and How to Not to Over-Do It

There is absolutely no doubt that decorative concrete is finally picking up steam in the finished flooring space. It fits in well with just about any environment: inside or outside, commercial, residential or industrial.

Some of the more popular features that lead to this innovative selection of concrete flooring systems making their way into the mainstream are that they are:

-Seamlessdecorative concrete custom work overlay pattern
-Totally customizable
-Easy to clean

It’s pretty common to see seamless epoxy, brilliant polished concrete and randomly troweled and coloured overlays in places of business, commerce and manufacturing.

When decorative concrete first started to become more noticeable in Canada there were a lot of mistakes happening with it sadly. We’ve all seen that tacky floor somewhere and wondered: “What were they THINKING?” That’s so hilariously ugly.

The trend of decorative concrete has moved to become more of a staple in modern design. With that move came a lot of change. Change not only in process and options but mostly in concept. No longer are decorative concrete floors installed to be a major attraction in design, they are now meant to be almost a mute feature in the overlay design concept.

Keep in mind there are always exceptions to the rule. Take for example floors with branding, themes or directional marks. However, overall the interior design concepts of today and the future are going to be expansive, sleek, minimalist finishes that lend well to the idea and feeling of “modern”.

When choosing flooring, especially for a commercial application, it’s exceedingly important to keep this in mind. Even though you may like to have bright colours or graphics in your floors, your customers or the eventual occupant for your current space may not be a fan.

The good news is that when you select a finish and design concept for your floors, your design consultant should be able to steer you in the right way in terms of choosing floor that will be appreciated by most, or, a method that creates a floor that can be easily reversed.

A good way to do this would be a solid colour floor or polished concrete with a logo or graphic from your brand embedded into a separate top layer of coating. When the time comes to move on, a concrete artisan can remove these graphics revealing the sleek floor below.

Always feel free to contact a concrete flooring expert for more ideas. We are a friendly bunch.

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