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The Top 3 Most Popular Garage Floor Coating Finishes in Ottawa

Garage floor coatings are all the rage these days. People are really starting to see their garage as an extension of their home. Why not see it that way? After all, most garages are at least 25% the size of the main floor of a home. Sometimes, even the same size.

With our cars leaving as much as 6 feet of clearance above for storage, why not use it. Part of turning a garage into a hobby space, shop or storage area, is having a clean, safe and long lasting durable floor.

The Top 3 Most Popular Garage Floor Coating Finishes in Ottawa are Listed Here:

1) Decorative Flakes

colour flake floor ottawaFlakes embedded in a resin of either epoxy, urethane or polyaspartic

This system is awesome. It’s a quick install. It costs around the same as the tile in your kitchen but is way stronger and best of all, it hides dirt. Who wants to be washing and scrubbing a dusty old concrete slab as it wears away because of contamination from all the gunk we expose to? We know you don’t. The decorative flake floor is trendy, non-slip and covers up most of what ails a floor.

2) Polished Concrete

The act of grinding, polishing and chemically changing a concrete floor
polished concrete flooring durham
This option is very popular down south where there isn’t any concrete eating salt around. Here, it really shouldn’t be used in garages where cars will sit and thaw in the winter. However, it is still a popular option. We have workarounds to give you the look of polished concrete without leaving your floor exposed to salt, tire staining and other contamination issues. Ask us how we can set you up with a floor that looks like modern polished concrete, but won’t corrode away.

3) Troweled Decorative Overlays

A process by which concrete strengthened by various polymers is troweled to look like stonedecorative concrete custom work overlay pattern

This option is often chosen by the “garage party family” on your block. It’s not quite as strong as a decorative flake floor, but, it’s great for cook outs, storage, car parking and general light use. You can go with a stone texture alone or add decorative scoring to make it look like tile.

No matter what you are looking to do with your garage, we have you and your floors covered. Contact us for more information about how we can help your concrete garage floor in Ottawa look great and be long lasting and durable. 

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