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Trailhead Paddle Shack: EcoPolish Finish

Solid colours When Trailhead Paddle Shack came to us with a desire for a clean and modern concrete floor that exposed the original design elements of their new store location while lending itself well to the adjacent mill work; we knew right away that our EcoPolish finish was the right choice.
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EcoPolish is a spin on words. It’s not polished concrete. It’s a clear epoxy coating over grinded concrete. In the case of Trailhead we added a top coat of high gloss urethane to add some UV, stain and scratch resistance. Not only that, urethane really helps maintain the sheen of a floor in a high abrasion environment like that of Trailhead Paddle Shack and other retail environments. The summer sand and the winter de-icing salts that get brought in on footwear really can wreak havoc on floor finishes.
EcoPolish can also be ordered with a satin or matte sheen. The benefits are the same with any sheen.
Another benefit to the finish chosen for this retail location is the light and object reflectivity of this floor. When you walk into a space with high sheen floors you’ll likely notice the feeling of cleanliness, openness and modern appeal.
Another advantage of high reflection flooring is how great it makes your products look. A retail space looks much more spacious and inviting than one with a high contrast or busy look to the floor.
Solid colours are also a good choice especially on older floors that have a lot of patch work and stains showing. We call them simply “SolidColour” floors. They can be had with the same finish as our EcoPolish above but with a custom opaque colour integrated into the build coats.
If you have a retail space that needs an uplift and some protection from the elements consult with us today. We can provide on sight samples, mock ups and consultations to help get your floors looking their best. Contact one of our polished concrete flooring specialists in Ottawa today. We also service surrounding areas such as Belleville, Peterborough, Durham and more.

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