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The Differences Between Polyaspartics and Epoxy Coatings

polyaspartic flooringThere are many differences and similarities between polyaspartics and epoxy coatings.  In many cases, once the product is installed you cannot tell the difference. We’ve outlined below why you might choose polyaspartic polyurea over epoxy and vice versa.

Polyaspartic Polyurea

Polyaspartics are thinner and more abrasion resistant than traditional epoxy coatings. A major benefit to them is the fact that they are 100% UV stable, meaning they will not turn yellow due to exposure of the sun or artificial UV lighting.

A major benefit to using a polyaspartic coating is that the installer is able to apply multiple coats and sometimes complete a several coat installation in one day. The reason for this is because polyaspartics cure using available moisture in the surface and in the air.

For floors that have a heavy texture that needs to be hidden, polyaspartics can still be a solution but they will require either multiple layers or decorative colour flakes to hide the texture. This is due to their thinner nature and also the fact that polyaspartic polyurea cures too quickly to be an efficient self-levelling coating.

The vast majority of residential garage floors do not exhibit any of the variables that would prevent the use of polyaspartic coatings. In some cases however, epoxy coatings might be a better solution.

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Epoxy Coatings

Epoxies used in the coatings industry, are typically thicker, and have levelling properties not available with polyaspartic polyurea. The benefit here is that less coats are required in order to achieve a smooth floor when one is desired.

An example of an environment when a 100% solids 2-part epoxy might be chosen over a 2-component polyaspartic polyurea is when a large square footage job is comprised of multiple small rooms and hallways. This is because epoxies, while they take longer to cure, allow for more intricate work to be done without fear of the material curing during the installation.

Epoxies also make excellent repair mortars and bases for polyaspartic polyurea floors, this is to say that in some cases both epoxy and polyaspartic polyurea may be used for the perfect coating solution. Unfortunately today, there are many sources across the internet stating that one type of coating is better than another for all circumstances; this simply is not the case. As we have mentioned above, both types of coatings have ample benefits.

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Concrete Floor Crack Repair Tips

Cracks in your concrete floor are usually only minor aesthetic problems. In some cases however, they can be indications of major structural issues. Small hairline to 1/16th of an inch cracks are typically found on slabs located on all types of floors from residential structures to multi story commercial towers.

commercial floor preparationMost small cracks are as a result of; the curing process causing the concrete to shrink slightly or created from a point of pressure on the slab from a load-bearing wall. If the concrete is a different height on either side of the crack, this is known as heaving. In a residential garage, this typically would happen when a portion of the slab has sunk away from the rest of the slab.  Cracks like this are not common however they do require more of an in-depth analysis and sometimes the pumping up of the slab portion that has sunk.

If the cracks are smaller, they can often be filled with DIY products from your local hardware supply store. Some products sold locally are generally weaker and not very long lasting, they will also not look very nice due to the techniques used to install them.

When repairing cracks in previously finished concrete floors, epoxy injection is sometimes the best route because the crack can then be repaired from below the surface thereby having minimal negative effects on the appearance of the floor itself.

Cracks that appear prior to having a concrete floor decoratively finished should be addressed by an experienced and professional concrete tradesman. The technique used by professionals with the right tools includes chasing the crack (cutting it open further to remove loose concrete and debris) in order to allow for better adhesion and penetration of the crack repair material.

If the floor were then going to be decoratively finished, the crack repair would be smoothed down and honed to the level of the existing floor in order to minimize its appearance.

Crack repair products are available in an array of specialty and standard colours that can be customized at the manufacturer. In some cases clear crack filing products used by professionals can be colour matched on site to your floor.

It is important to repair all cracks as soon as possible, especially in wet areas or areas subject to hard wheeled traffic such as, steel wheels on dollies, carts and especially in areas subject to fork lift traffic.

If cracks are not repaired in a timely manner, this type of traffic or wet environments can cause contamination or further erosion leading to larger cracking and further damage.

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What You Should Know About Garage Floor Finishes

The garage floor in your home is the only surface left unprotected when installed. If you have a smooth finished garage floor, it can be slippery when it’s wet or cold. If you have a broom finished garage floor (which is when it has a series of textured lines in it) it is more likely to be porous and as a result, will often become eroded and worn away much sooner from salt and other contaminants from the street and vehicles.

Regardless of the type of floor that you currently have, if it hasn’t been sealed, or treated to repel water, road salts, gasoline, oils, rad fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid and other potentiality staining and damaging chemicals, it is never too late to renew, refresh and protect your floor to extend its longevity.

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There are so many options when choosing a garage floor finish. It is often difficult to narrow it down to one choice especially given the fact that most options fall within the same price range.

When deciding on a floor finish, it’s important to consider the consequences of choosing the wrong option. Floating floors, such as plastic or rubber tiles will sometimes trap moisture in the surface of the concrete, which will in turn, increase the rate at which it will deteriorate. The goal is to protect the concrete and reduce or eliminate the possibility of your slab being damaged.

While aesthetically pleasing, polished concrete is not the best option for a garage that will not be cleaned regularly such as a commercial location. It is porous and without consistent upkeep, will become more porous allowing salt to eat away at your floor.

A sealed overlay or epoxy coating on you garage floor is the best option because it will prevent the floor from being exposed to contaminants that can damage it.

One of the fun advantages of shopping for a solution for your perfect garage floor finish, is that all of the coatings and overlay options allow you the freedom to customize the look and feel of your garage with colours, patterns, textures, embedded images, borders, exposed aggregate, sheen options and many more features to choose from. You can truly have a unique garage unlike any other in your neighbourhood.

The first step in choosing a garage floor finish is to contact us to discus your project budget and what options fit within it, and then request a free on site estimate and evaluation of your slab.


Are Concrete Floors Eco-Friendly?

eco friendly concrete floorsWe need to construct homes and buildings while avoiding depleting resources for the future generations, a concept known as green building. The recommended way to do that is to use ecologically friendly materials which can regenerate on their own or with the help of man. It is common knowledge that concrete flooring is one of the most eco-friendly building materials one can find.

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Slab is an element required for most construction projects. Primarily, concrete is made from cement, mixed with aggregates and water. Limestone is one of the most abundant materials on Earth and it is part of the materials used to make cement. Fly ash, slag and silica, the other materials used, can be obtained as waste from other manufacturing processes.

Were someone to desire a finish for their floor, polishing a concrete slab that already exists would immediately meet their needs. By doing so, the harvest, manufacture and transport of additional material is not required and the waste and therefore pollution is minimized with little effort made. Should a re-polish be desired, its cost would represent a fraction of the initial one. All of this sums up into sustainable polished concrete flooring with minimal impact on the environment.

Concrete flooring can help to improve air quality, reduce the waste of natural materials and can go as far as cut down on your heating bills. There might have already been a concrete floor installed in your home, just underneath the existing floor coverings made of wood, waiting to be revealed by workers and treated. Needless to say, being made from readily abundant materials and, if used economically and environmentally friendly, a concrete floor can be rewarding for both the person, in terms and money, and the planet on which in live, in terms of pollution.

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Commercial Concrete Floor Preparation

Whether a 100 sq. foot dentist office, or an entire commercial facility, proper surface preparation should always be your first step to a long lasting floor and a long lasting business to client relationship.commercial floor preparation

Without proper floor preparation, your newly installed floors may experience undesired movement, moisture transmissions, out gassing bubbles, wrinkles, failed seams, mold, mildew, off-gassing, odours, colour contamination, failed grout, grout pop-out and an array of other undesirable effects.

In the commercial world there is a constant need to update and refresh the look of customer facing facilities. To keep up with current trends and to increase our goal for a clean modern representation of business and public spaces, we are repeatedly faced with challenges related to the removal and replacement of existing flooring on top of concrete.

Some major challenges have been due to the removal of glue, paint, mortar, and other adhesives. Contractors in the business of installing tile, linoleum, sheet flooring and carpet must include and maintain warranties for their products and installations. A major concern when providing a warranty is related to the preexisting conditions of the substrate. If the sub floor is not properly and completely cleaned and neutralized of existing materials and the residues they inherently leave behind, new flooring, no matter how well installed can fail due to the de-lamination of bonding agents and contamination from preexisting compounds.

Removal and surface preparation processes are varied from sanding, shot blasting, grinding, chemical striping or using a primer barrier. The best option is shot blasting or grinding, or a combination of the two. This way, rather than masking or coating over the existing bonding agents, you are removing them and opening the pores of the substrate to allow the penetration and expansion on a micro level of your new adhesive materials. With proper commercial floor preparation, you can provide a warranty on materials and workmanship with peace of mind knowing that none of the old and possibly outdated flooring materials are going to cause flooring failures in the future.

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The Beauty of Polished Concrete Flooring

Although polished concrete flooring is mainly used in commercial buildings, it is also used in certain applications in residential homes. The beauty of this kind of flooring is unmatched. It provides high gloss surfaces, requires low maintenance and is versatile enough to be used in any place of work. Due to the durability of concrete, it is the perfect material for places that receive high traffic within a home or place of work.

The glossy finish of polished concrete floors is truly beautiful. The shiny surfaces add an attractive look to the floor and the room at large in addition to reflecting light in order to brighten up the room. Moreover, concrete can be used to mimic other kinds of flooring made of stone, such as polished marble floors.polished concrete floor ottawa

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There are many reasons why polished concrete flooring is a choice of many. It does not need to be waxed in order to maintain its glossy or shiny look because the polish used on it is innate upon polishing to the concrete used. Although the cost of polishing a concrete floor is comparable to other kinds of flooring that need maintenance or waxing, it is cheaper in the long run due to its durability. Perfectly polished floors made of concrete are also resistant to stains.

Generally, floors made of polished concrete are easy to polish, resistant to high traffic from both people and machines, are easy to maintain, friendly to the environment and saves on both time and money used to wax other kinds of floors. The beauty of polished concrete flooring is also in the wide range of finishes available to both commercial enterprises and residential homes for a unique yet beautiful touch to reflect any personality or style of the specific person deploying this kind of flooring in their interior spaces.

The polishing and installation of concrete floors can be done by a professional concrete polishing company with the right skills and experience required. Questions? Support is waiting for you here.

The Best Commercial Floor Coating Options

An epoxy floor is a 100% solids coating used to protect and completely conceal a substrate such as concrete or wood. Epoxies are available in 100% solids, solvent based or water based. The advantage to 100% solids (as opposed to epoxies that are cut with a solvent) is that they go down thickest in one application and produce no harsh off-gassing. They are also much more durable and create a high depth sheen.

An epoxy floor is a great solution for a street-facing commercial location, especially in areas that are prone to harsh elements including oil, gasoline, radiator fluid, brake fluid and worst of all ice melting salts. When properly installed, polished concrete is sealed and guarded against exposure to harsh chemical. With proper cleaning and upkeep, an epoxy floor will maintain its resistant properties.

epoxy coating ottawaPolyaspartic; like an epoxy, is a coating added to an existing substrate. Although often similar in appearance to epoxies, its advantages are numerous but not in all environments and situations. Polyaspartics are suitable for small areas that require subsequent coats, but with a requirement for 1-day return to service such as commercial freezers, storage rooms, existing retail spaces, residential garages and other areas that property owner cannot do without for longer than 24 hours.

Troweled Concrete Coatings: Troweled coatings use the same materials as mentioned above, however a third part such as sand or quartz aggregate is used in the mix. The purpose for this type of application is to achieve thickness at a quick rate and smooth out a deteriorated or uneven floor. This also provides for a higher impact resistant floor for areas such as garbage rooms, warehouses, commercial kitchens, garages, manufacturing facilities or anywhere impact resistance is necessary.

Troweled coatings can also be decorative by incorporating coloured aggregates and patterns. These look great in entranceways, sunrooms, saunas, fitness areas, workout rooms, bars, showrooms and lobbies.

With all of these floor coating options, the thing to keep in mind is that these are the types of floors to choose when a non-slip, impact and chemical-resistant and well-wearing floor is required. Of note is the fact that if there is a lapse in proper floor maintenance or cleaning, coatings can be recovered at a minimal cost compared to natural stone or polished concrete.

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Polished Concrete Flooring Explained

Polished concrete is the process of changing the properties of a concrete slab. First, the floor is honed in order to reduce high spots and remove weak and dusty concrete capping. Second, the floor is hardened using an environmentally friendly process. This hardening process reduces the size of the pores in the concrete and then the floor is polished using progressively finer diamond grits or diamond fragments embedded in metallic or resinous segments, once this process is complete, the new highly modified surface is guarded using a penetrating sealer and then literally baked using friction heat from a high speed burnishing process. The end result is a floor with a beautiful and naturally occurring sheen that although shiny, is not slippery.

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Let’s get the most common question out of the way first; is concrete cold? Polished concrete, although not as warm as carpet, tends to be warmer on the feet than tile. This is because unlike tile, polished concrete absorbs more air polished concrete floors ottawatemperature because it is a more porous material than a glazed tile. While not as warm as carpet or any other flooring, with an underlayment or a subfloor under it, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

Unlike linoleum or other floating floors, polished concrete does not make an artificial squishy sound under your foot. Polished concrete leads to a high quality natural stone feel adding a rich high end feel to your home.

Other advantages to polished concrete are its natural reflective properties. These properties give your space a calming characteristic that is conducive to a natural and relaxing environment.

If you have children, pets or an environment that requires frequent sweeping like a woodworking room or art studio, polished concrete cannot be beat. You can see such floors at big box stores like Ikea, Home Depot, Walmart and more residential areas like high end lofts and condos.

Polished concrete is the process of changing the properties of an existing floor as opposed to purchasing and adding a floor to your space, therefore, the environmental impact both during installation and in the future when modifying or disposing of a property is greatly reduced compared to using a manufactured product.

Installing a polished concrete floor in your home or commercial location could take 2-3 days depending on the amount of square footage. If you are looking for a flooring company to turn your floor into polished concrete, contact us today for a free no obligation estimate.


Top Benefits of Concrete Flooring

When it comes to the trendy concrete flooring you are seeing in homes everywhere, you may find yourself wondering why it has become such a popular selection. There are many reasons why a person might consider having a concrete floor, but there are three key benefits to acknowledge. Those top benefits include: it is economical, it is long lasting and it is customizable.

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Maybe you are looking to remodel, or you are building a new construction. Either way, you probably have set up a budget and have discovered that budgets can quickly go off the rails. Whether that has already happened or you are in the process of finding cheaper options to help stay on budget, concrete flooring is a great way to soften blows in the money department. In new structures that have been built on concrete slabs, the existing concrete can be used. This saves you a lot of money because you no longer have to lay down various other types of flooring on top of the concrete. A simple staining process can have your existing concrete slab shined up and looking as pristine as limestone flooring.Top Benefits of Concrete Flooring, concrete floor ottawa, concrete floors ottawa, screed concrete floor, painting concrete floors, polished concrete floors, concrete floor paint, stain concrete, flooring company ottawa, flooring stores ottawa


Concrete flooring is also great because of its sustainability. Concrete floors can last anywhere up to 100 years. That is quite a bit of longevity for flooring. Also, cracked concrete can be touched up to showcase its age, adding charm to the overall building. With hardwood floors and many other flooring types, they will need to be replaced much sooner than 100 years. Concrete flooring ensures your floors look great for many, many years.


Finally, concrete floors have endless options in terms of customizing a look to fit perfectly within your home or building. Whether you want the wet floor look or a great transition between outdoor and indoor flooring, decorative concrete flooring can accommodate whatever taste profile. There are even techniques that can be used to make the concrete flooring take on the appearance of hardwood flooring. There are many color options to choose from, from lighter tones to darker tones. Whatever style you like, concrete flooring has the flexibility and customization you want.

If you are looking into redoing your existing flooring or you are beginning a new construction, strongly consider these benefits to concrete flooring. You will be able to save loads of money by using this economical flooring type. You will not have to worry about costly repairs or replacing damaged flooring, as concrete floors are likely to outlast your lifespan. Finally, you will have a great looking floor that reflects your style and taste, giving your establishment a uniqueness of its own.

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