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Is it time for a garage makeover? The garage floor is one of the least valued surfaces of the home and sometimes gets overlooked. Perhaps you are tired of looking at your cracked, pitted and dull grey concrete garage floor and you’re finally ready to have that beautiful finished garage once and for all. Our team can help you choose the most durable, long lasting and best looking floor coating for your garage. 

Your garage may be exposed to temperature differences, damage, and issues like dampness or chemical stains. Contact our team and we will evaluate your floor and give you a wide variety of design ideas that will work for your space and budget.

If your garage has several cracks, low spots and imperfections, covering it up with our Colour Flake System will help it look brand new again. There are several designs, colours and textures to choose from. Learn more about colour flakes here: Colour Flakes

If you’re looking for a clean, sleek look with a touch of colour then check out our Epoxy Coatings or our Polyaspartics options.

If you love the look of aggregate and would like your existing concrete floor to shine and look new again then check out our Polished Concrete options here.

Whatever option you choose, remember that having the right preparation is extremely important. If you’re floor isn’t properly prepared for your coating or polish, it will not last and complications can arise. Our team will come in and do a thorough inspection of your garage floor and make sure all minor damage is noted before our installation crew begins the job. To prevent failing garage floor coatings from moisture, our team will perform a moisture test when necessary.

When it comes to choosing the right garage floor coating, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Budget, durability, low maintenance and endurance are only a few. We want to do the job  right the first time and make sure you are proud of your garage floor for years to come.

Contact our team if you have any questions or would like us to come in and evaluate your current garage floor.