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Retail Polyaspartic Flooring


What are Polyaspartics?

Polyaspartic resins are highly durable, high-performance concrete coatings that when professionally applied – protect and enhance a concrete surface. Polyaspartics have revolutionized the concrete coating industry over the past few years with their scratch and chemical resistance, anti-slip and decorative effects that greatly enhance the look and performance of concrete surfaces.

What Makes Polyaspartics Special?

To know this, it is important to know the benefits of our coating system. Polyaspartic cures rapidly. It soaks into the concrete, filling all the gaps and sealing them tight. This flooring type is easy to clean as it repels oils, stains and stands up to high temperatures. A non-porous and seemless surface provides a more hygienic and dust free environment. Polyaspartics are 100X more flexible especially in freezing temperatures, 10X more scratch resistant and will not turn yellow like epoxy.

Minimal Inconvenience

Compared to epoxies, polyaspartic coatings dry quickly to minimize disruption.  Most 2-car garages are completed in one day and you are able to walk on the floor 6hrs after the job is done. Given our Northern climate, special blends allow us to apply materials at -20C to +40C.

Surface Preparation

The key to longevity is our surface preparation which is done with a large diamond grinder that levels the concrete surface and opens the surface pores. Cracks and control joints are filled along with small voids and low-spots with poly filler to create a smooth even floor. Our industrial HEPA dust collectors provide safe cleanup of all concrete dust.

Quality and Performance

As the polyaspartic cures, it becomes integrated with the floor, making it moisture and crack-resistant. Being chemical resistant, polyaspartic will protect the concrete surface from erosion, staining and slippery oils.  Our coatings can be applied with single or multiple colour designs, or incorporated with decorative chips to make it look like granite or terrazzo with the added benefit of slip resistance. You can also include artwork stenciling – like a team logo into the floor.

Polyaspartic coating is perfect for high traffic areas like garage flooring, automotive garages, commercial kitchens, hospitals, industrial warehouses, retail storefront and public service areas.

A Floor Coating Designed to Last a Lifetime

A floor coating designed to last a lifetime

A floor coating designed to last a lifetime

Our 6 & 8 step process ensures your coating will stand the test of time. This all starts with proper concrete preparation of which we use industrial diamond-grinders to level and hone the surface to ensure best adhesion. Extra steps like moisture testing, crack repair and filling of control joints are done to properly prepare the surface. A primer coat then seals and bonds the coating to the concrete. Next, a colour coat and layer of colour-chips is applied for decorative effect.  And finally the clear top coat provides chemical and scratch resistance. Silica for added traction and a 2nd top coat are not typically needed but available as options.

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