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Epoxy Coatings


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When it comes to decorative flooring installations, epoxy coatings are a popular choice. Epoxy coatings will give your floor a chemical-resistant and long lasting surface. There are many varieties of colour,  finishes, textures and patterns to choose from. Epoxy has limitless options and can even be mixed with colour flakes to resemble granite.

What is Epoxy:

Epoxy applications include coatings, resin matrices, adhesives and composite materials like carbon fibre and metallics. Epoxies are well known for their heat and chemical resistance and above all, excellent adhesion and endurance. Another benefit to an epoxy floor is that epoxy coatings are odourless and solvent-free.

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Installation Process:

In order for an epoxy coating to be installed; the concrete needs to be properly prepared and free of cracks, dust and debris. Installers will mix the two-component epoxy resin and apply the mixture to the concrete with a squeegee or roller. The epoxy gets mixed in with a hardener to ensure that it will cure to the concrete. Some epoxy resin and hardener combinations require different temperatures and lengths of time to cure. Depending on the square footage that needs coverage, an epoxy coating installation project could take 1-3 days to finish.

Where to use Epoxy:

Epoxy coatings work well in commercial and industrial settings where durability, minimal maintenance and longevity are essential. Epoxy can also be used as a coloured seal coat for concrete and repaired floors in garages, basements, workshops and laundry rooms.

An epoxy coating can turn your dull and boring grey concrete garage floor into an extension of your living space by hiding imperfections and adding colour. With the wide array of design options and the benefits of endurance and easy maintenance, epoxy floor coatings are always a great choice.

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