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Glue Removal

Getting rid of a previous coating on a floor can be a timely, costly, and tedious task if you’re not a professional. At The Floor Company, we have the right experience and equipment to take on tile, glue, adhesive and coating removal jobs.

Our team can help get rid of: 

Carpet glue
Tile mastic
Rust spots
Grease stains
Epoxy coatings
Other contaminants

It all starts with proper surface preparation. Before you install your brand new floor, you need to make sure the floor surface is properly prepared and free of unwanted residue for any coating or type of floor that will be getting installed over top of the existing surface. Without proper floor preparation, your new floor could run into some major issues like cracking, peeling or not curing properly.

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Our heavy and powerful planetary floor grinders have the ability to grind away coatings and leave a level, smooth and clean surface behind. We have a large selection of diamond tools designed specifically to grind floors.

Minimal Dust

Our machines are designed with dust extractors that make dust collection effective and create a virtually dust free environment. No chemicals or toxins are used when we remove floor residue. Chemical strippers and other cleaning compounds can be hazardous and ineffective depending on what substances were previously used on the floor.

After the glue or coating residue has been grinded off and removed, we can then repair any cracks in the existing floor to prevent the cracks from expanding further.

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