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Are Concrete Floors Pet Friendly?

Pets bring happiness to the lives of their owners. They’re wonderful companions and can be very entertaining as well. Most pet owners want their faithful companions to be comfortable in their homes. That’s why when you’re choosing a floor system for your home, you might want to consider a pet-friendly option.

There are several types of flooring systems available in the market, some of them are ideal for households with pets and others are not. At The Floor Company, we believe that concrete floors are great for homes with pets and here are some reasons why.are concrete floors pet friendly ottawa

  • Easy to Clean- One of the best advantages of concrete floors is that they’re very easy to clean. All you need is a broom, a rag, or a mop and your floor will be clean within minutes. That can be very helpful to pet owners because pets have a tendency to shed fur, drag in mud and dirt and litter the floors.
  • Pet Stains and Odors- Even a well-trained pet can cause a mess inside the house. Unfortunately, some floors can absorb these pet stains and develop odor over time. Most concrete floors have a seal over them that prevent liquid and stains from sinking into the surface. You can be certain that the odor or the stains will be easily removed. If the floor isn’t sealed, you can use products available in the market to remove the stains.
  • Won’t Trap Fleas, Mites and Dander- Unlike carpet or wood flooring, concrete flooring has a sealed and smooth surface that won’t trap fleas, mites, and dander. These things can create an unhealthy environment in your home. Pet dander can be easily cleaned and the fleas and mites won’t have any place to hide on concrete floors.
  • Scratch Resistant- Pets are fond of running around and being active. Unfortunately, their enthusiasm can be very apparent on some floors.  Claws can scratch the surface and leave behind unsightly marks. However, this isn’t the case with concrete floors. They’re naturally scratch resistant and some seals and coatings can make them scratch proof.

As you can see, concrete flooring is ideal for your pets. For more information on concrete floors or to get an estimate, you can contact us at The Floor Company. If you’re calling from Ottawa and surrounding areas, dial 1800 461 3121. If you’re calling from Kingston, Belleville, Peterborough and Durham, dial 1877 277 9877. You can also email us at or fill in this contact us form.

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